Reviews for Fatal Whispers

Fatal Whispers is Sandra Nikolai’s second novel in the Megan Scott/Michael Elliott mystery series. Nikolai has written an urbane, witty and enjoyable mystery that was also the hallmark of her first novel. Fans of Nikolai’s excellent prose style and engaging characters will already be looking forward to the next mystery in this series.
— Michael J. McCann, author of the Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel series

Fatal Whispers, Book 2, is a well-developed story from the Megan Scott/Michael Elliot Mysteries by Sandra Nikolai. The author strings readers along with clever clues, mild humour, and a cast of thought-provoking characters. Readers will not be disappointed with this story since the author obviously knows how to write a good book. She introduces two very likeable crime solvers who are as interesting as the mystery itself.
— Michelle Stanley, for Readers' Favorite

Set in Portland and Falmouth on Maine’s craggy coastline, Fatal Whispers will sweep you away by its wealth of intriguing suspects and breathtaking action. You’ll be guessing to the last page of this nail-biter.
— Susan Russo Anderson, author of the Fina Fitzgibbons Mystery series

The mystery with all the underlying suspense makes this book one that you will want to read from beginning to end in one sitting.
— Ian, Goodreads review

The plot in Fatal Whispers develops at a fast pace, and author Sandra Nikolai does a sterling job of keeping the narrative tight. Her prose is economical and direct, making for an easy read, and her decision to tell the story through the eyes of Megan lends the story an urgent vibrancy. This is a compelling mystery, well told, that will not disappoint. A recommended read for all lovers of modern investigative fiction.
— Charles R. Stubbs, author of the Travis #WebOfDeceit mystery thrillers

The storyline and plot twists really keep you reading, and the character development just pulls you right into the pages.
— Janet, Goodreads review

Floral arrangements take center stage in three seemingly unrelated deaths as mystery author Sandra Nikolai guides the reader through a labyrinth of clues that blossom into murder. Nikolai presents overlapping evidence, like petals on a long-stemmed rose, capturing the attention of readers with suspenseful action right up to a satisfying climax.
— Gail M. Baugniet, author of the Pepper Bibeau Mystery series

I did not find a single dull or boring chapter in the whole reading experience. The rich characterization gives a human touch to the narrative. The pace of the novel is quite satisfying and each chapter leaves you wanting more. I would definitely recommend this book.
— Saad Khan Niazi, DePorridge reviews