Reviews for Fatal Whispers

Fatal Whispers, Book 2, is a well-developed story from the Megan Scott/Michael Elliot Mysteries by Sandra Nikolai. The author strings readers along with clever clues, mild humour, and a cast of thought-provoking characters. Readers will not be disappointed with this story since the author obviously knows how to write a good book. She introduces two very likeable crime solvers who are as interesting as the mystery itself.
— Michelle Stanley, for Readers' Favorite

An easy writing style, interesting characters and lots of twists and turns make this book a winner. Looking forward to the next mystery in the series.
— Nathan McLaren, reviewer

I did not find a single dull or boring chapter in the whole reading experience. The rich characterization gives a human touch to the narrative. The pace of the novel is quite satisfying and each chapter leaves you wanting more. I would definitely recommend this book.
— Saad Khan Niazi, DePorridge reviews
Tight narrative and fast plot. A compelling mystery.
— C.S. (UK)