False Impressions by Canadian author Sandra Nikolai was a real gem, a nicely composed whodunit that shies away from gore and violence in favor of a dialogue-driven narrative in which the characters’ brainstorming sessions take center stage. Am I mixing metaphors? Maybe. Go buy the book.

Nikolai puts the reader right in downtown Montreal, giving us a sense of the French influence as well as the shops, restaurants, subway system, etc. She uses snippets of the French language accurately and to solid effect. Her writing style is strong on description and dialogue and is easy to read.
— Carmen Amato, author of the Emilia Cruz Mystery series

Perfect pacing, sympathetic characters, a believable plot and resolution, what more can you ask for? Kudos to Mrs. Nikolai on a stunning debut; this deserves a much wider publication.
— Jeremy, reviewer

Nikolai is adept at fast-paced, plot-driven action with sharp, realistic dialogue. Don’t attempt to read this book if you are busy as your ‘to do’ list will remain undone.
— Shaz's Book Blog review

I just loved False Impressions, a mystery by Sandra Nikolai. It’s got a tight story line, a strong voice, and love is in the air between its two main characters, Megan and Michael. It’s a sparkling book, a book that plunked me smack dab onto the streets of Montreal, into its neighborhoods, its restaurants, its churches, its red light district, and beyond. I felt like I was walking the streets of Montreal with Megan and Michael. If you’re into mystery and memorable characters, if you’d like a taste of the “je ne sais quoi” of Montreal, then False Impressions by Sandra Nikolai is a book for you.
— Susan Russo Anderson, author of the Serafina Florio Mystery series

Making a mystery rich with detail without detracting from the central story is tricky. It takes a sure hand and an elegant writing style to get it right. Sandra is a master at her craft. I saw, heard, smelled, tasted, blushed, and felt butterflies around Michael, squirmed in front of Detective Moreau, and sweated right along with her in muggy Montreal. Loved the book—can’t wait for more adventures with Megan and Michael.
— Nancy Jarvis, author of the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries